Brand Reputation: How to Use Integrity to Overcome Negativity

Brand reputation is the pivotal and unquestionable element that can make or break a company. Working towards getting your brand out there is a chore of both necessity and care. A properly executed PR campaign has the potential to drive individual or company statistics through the roof. However, the time comes now and then when a black PR campaign or negative publicity overtakes your hard earned search engine status putting you in the position of needing to remove negative search results. In the past, many companies and individuals used PR management companies which had the ability to both control exactly what information was accessible and to suppress any negative publicity that may have cropped up.

In today’s high speed, instant gratification world, PR management companies are no longer able to be in full control of what information is out there. There was once a time in which companies had release dates with which they could deliver information in a climatic way. However, with the use of social media platforms and the ability for any and all information to go viral at the will of the public, timed releases and full control over individual brand content may be a thing of the past.

Social media is an integral tool when working towards getting your brand viewed, followed and distributed to your target audiences. But like wildfire, negative posts can spread in the same way, in some cases completely destroying your hard earned status. Fear not, for there are still effective ways to remove complains from google search results and overcome these obstacles to regain your pure and well-earned status.

Should the situation arise in which you need to handle some discrepancy in the public eye, there are a couple of things that could go a long way in restoring your name.


Nowadays people are quick to judge. The internet has opened up a world of information and opinions which are heavily relied upon by the general public, regardless of how true or false they may be. This steady inflow of information causes people to be skeptical and wary of what they hear and read. For this reason, it is very good policy to be honest about what really happened to cause the situation.

As stated earlier, social media platforms allow information to travel far and wide and at an expedited rate. It is better that the public hear the truth of the matter from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, rather than from an outside source that could very likely not have the facts straight. In our fast-paced full disclosure world, people are more willing to forgive a shortcoming rather than accept a cover-up. This leaves little room for privacy which is yet another reason why honesty is so important.

Public Perceptions

People want to feel a connection with the companies they associate with. Delivering a clear purpose line, including company goals and intentions, is a great way to establish positive PR and build a community around what you do. Giving the public stories they can relate to allows for them to feel that connection and they will, in turn, promote and support the company. These efforts towards keeping the public included and informed about company decisions and actions not only gains a big following but provides a cushion in the event that negativity does arise.

Overall, upholding personal and company integrity is your best defence against negative posts and chatter. By applying some of the aforementioned ideals, it is possible and probable to remove negative search results and regain your standing.