Removing Search Results in Google

This is the first service our company offered and we still pride ourselves on being able to do it better than the competition. We have 2 options:

USING REVERSE SEO (Suppression): Our founder has had hundreds of first place Google rankings in his 20 year career. 98% of searchers do not go to the 2nd page of Google. We can push out unwanted results from the top of the first page. By using a number of industry identified best practices and our own proprietary techniques (reverse SEO), we are able to get results, often within a 2 – 3 month window. We understand how important your company’s online reputation is, so we move quickly to address the situation.  We remove the negative search result as far back as you like. We offer this as a standalone service or as part of a package with Google Autosuggest modifications. Starting From $999/month.


LITIGATION SUPPORT (Complete Removal): In some cases, we are able to completely remove specific search results from Google Search. We have done this hundreds of times with different lawyers. We now use our own in house litigator, and our experience, to force Google to remove the results. Best of all, our techniques do not involve the publisher. Using the publisher can be a dangerous method that is often practiced by lawyers and has disastrous PR consequences. We can help your lawyer navigate the mines of online retaliation and develop a discreet method to get the required results without any blowback. PRICE RANGE $7,500 USD- $9,500 USD, a one-time contingency fee.