What is Search Engine Reputation Management

In an age where a misplaced tweet can get you fired, where so called secure information is being hacked leading to the potential leak of our personal data and where a bad PR move can get you permanent negative press on google, companies & individuals have to have a backup plan. I recently came across an expert in reverse SEO here in Montreal, in Herman Tumurcuoglu, one of the leading experts in SEO, with over a decade as an SEO consultant.

Reverse SEO was a new concept to me, going so far as lowering negative search results and change Google auto-type for my brand or my past misdeeds, never even occurred to me! But in the attention economy, where your online reputation counts, I’ve suddenly come across a topic that I find fascinating and want to blog about. ¬†Search engine reputation management, now that’s a niche of the future if I ever heard of one! How to Remove negative info from google, come to think of it, is a nice ace to have in our any CMOs or PR manager’s back-pocket.

Let’s stop and think about this for a moment

Why would something so useful as how to push down negative results on google, be so hard to learn about on search itself? Is this knowledge a secret to a few in SEO industry? Perhaps the legal complexity of PR management makes this a more private industry by necessity? One thing that is of course obvious, is a brand or an individual’s online reputation has become so sensitive, vulnerable and valuable, as to protect it at all costs. So then, reverse SEO is intrinsically linked to one’s online reputation. Who might require these services then?

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