Reputation Management: A Key Part of Digital Marketing in Business

Reputation Management: A Key Part of Digital Marketing in Business

Studies have indicated that in today’s tech-savvy world, many consumers prefer to conduct online research prior to deciding whether or not to purchase products or services, and from whom. When a consumer is searching for information about products or services on the internet, they are looking for much more than a business that provides these products or services. No matter how ideal some products or services may seem to be, based upon their descriptions, consumers want to know whether the business is trustworthy, reliable and customer service-oriented. They get this information primarily through reviews from other customers, which is exactly why business reputation management is so entirely critical to any business.

Digital Reputation Management

Digital marketing certainly includes website design, social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization, but once again it is important to recognize that these points are not enough if a business has not established that it is trustworthy and reputable. This means it is either suffering from a lack of good reviews or even just a handful of bad reviews. Some businesses simply don’t know what customers are saying about them, or how they should respond to customer comments, and this can cripple them in ways they cannot possibly imagine. Put more simply, incredible website design, social media marketing and SEO may cause consumers to arrive at the business’ doorstep, but it is proper digital reputation management that will ensure they cross the threshold and begin a relationship with the business.

Online business reputation management includes monitoring the various reviews that a business receives, and responding appropriately to these reviews. Sincerely thanking a customer who has left a positive review can go a long way in boosting a business’ reputation, making them seem humble and appreciative for their relationships with their customers, but it is how they respond to negative reviews that can really leave a lasting impression. While it only takes a few moments for an unhappy customer to leave a negative review about a business, and only a few more moments for this negative review to begin to spread like wildfire, it also often only takes a few moments for a well-written, professional and compassionate response from the business to gain some positive attention. It demonstrates that while the business may not be entirely perfect, they are deeply invested in their customer service and in providing the best experience possible, and this can help potential customers overcome concerns they may have about the business’ products or services.

Any business that provides any products or services to consumers needs to have an online presence as well as reputation management. Even businesses that choose not to establish and maintain an online presence, no matter their reason for this, will yet have an online reputation, as customers will find some way to leave reviews about them–even if only on third party review sites. Needless to say, this can create a huge impact on the business, especially if they are entirely unaware of these reviews and what to do about them.

Choosing Professional Reputation Management Services 

The fact is that a business specializes in producing outstanding products or services, not in monitoring and responding to customer reviews. As important as it is to watch for and handle customer reviews, it can be incredibly time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for a larger business. This is why professional reputation management services are so incredible valuable. Not only can the business continue to focus on what they do best, they can rest assured that their online reputation is in very good hands. Professional reputation management companies know exactly what to look for, and where, as well as how to respond appropriately so that the business can continue to grow and expand.