A Guide to Choosing the Best ORM Agency

Your online reputation is just as, if not more, important than your offline reputation. What goes on the internet about you or your business can stay there until the internet stops working. Although this may be a good thing, it can also be a scary thing. Reviews are what makes a person decide whether they will go with your product or not. Photos of the CEO or other employees can make the company look reputable and trustworthy, or they can make the company look unprofessional and careless. This is where an online reputation management agency can help, but how do you choose the best agency that you can trust? Here are a few tips:

Do Your Research

Most likely you will research for ORM firms online, however be aware that many ORM firms will advertise their company on keywords that relate to “best ORM firm” or something similar. While it’s totally fine to check these agencies out, they may not be trustworthy just because they showed up first on search engine results. Look at the results that come after paid ads and look at each firm’s website. Find out what their values are, what their mission statement is and look at their testimonials if they have any.

Once you’ve gathered up a few agencies that could be a good fit, look up the company and the founder online. Is their own online presence good? An ORM agency with a bad online presence isn’t a firm you want to go with. How many negative reviews are there about the company and did the company respond to any of them? It’s important for an ORM firm to maintain their own online reputation before they can maintain the online reputation of their clients.

Reach Out to ORM Agencies

Once you’ve researched different ORM agencies, choose a few to reach out to. Be sure to ask any questions and keep note of how they are answered by the firm. Be on the look out for firms that guarantee to fix search results and that make absurd claims. Make sure to ask how the firm can help you reach your goals. If they don’t answer you question fully, that’s a red flag as an ORM agency should be transparent about what they will do for you.

Have a Good Understanding of Contracts

Once you’ve decided on an ORM firm based off what you discussed with them and the research you conducted on them, carefully review their contract. Stay informed about contracts that require you to pay up-front. An ORM firm that is confident will give you the option to pay month-to-month.

Best Reputation Management Agency

We understand how important it is to have an ORM agency that keeps your reputation in respectable standing. We strive to help inform others about the best way to maintain a good online reputation. We know the ins and outs of improving one’s online reputation in order to prevent situations that can damage it. When our clients come to us, we take on their reputation as ours as well and use the knowledge we have to ensure their online reputation meets both ours and their standards.


Our agency was founded by Herman Tumurcuoglu, one of the world’s lead reputation management experts. It is because of him that we go beyond ORM SEO. We provide several services from reputation monitoring to Wikipedia editing to litigation help. If you need assistance improving your online reputation or maintaining it, please contact us today at 1-888-295-7134. One of our experienced reputation management consultants will be glad to help.